Thailand's Martech Report 2023

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[EN] Thailand's Martech Report 2023

Martech (Marketing Technology) is gaining popularity among businesses and mass in Thailand with the advent of various Thai and international providers. Businesses that incorporate Martech into their marketing strategies & activities tend to gain more capacity in leveraging their competitive advantages.

Knowledge, content, and statistics in regards to Martech are commonly circulated among interested parties on a global level while that of Thailand is still limited.

Content Shifu has partnered with Hummingbirds Consulting to create Thailand's Martech Report 2023, which is the first-ever Martech report that focuses exclusively on the Thailand market, intended for businesses, Martech providers, and consulting firms to make use of the information as an industry benchmark in their marketing and business initiatives.


Thailand's Martech Report 2023

  • Objectives and Experiences in Martech Tools Utilization
  • Understanding Martech Tools Selection
  • Martech Tools Selection Journey
  • 4Ps of Martech
  • 8 Thailand's Martech Trends 2023

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