Thailand's Martech Report 2024
Thailand's Martech Report 2024

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Martech (marketing technology) is no longer a new concept. Many businesses have turned to Martech solutions to enhance their organizational operations. However, without adequate insights, it still be challenging to understand and implement effectively

Aiming to provide solutions for the Thai Martech Industry, last year we launched the first-ever Thailand's Martech Report 2023. It achieved remarkable success, offering insightful and accurate data that served as a guiding light for various Thai businesses.

This year, we are committed to delivering even more knowledge.

Content Shifu has partnered with Hummingbirds Consulting to create Thailand's Martech Report 2024, which provides even deeper insights. The report features more detailed statistical content and compelling strategies to keep up with the rapid changes in the current technology landscape. It encompasses over 100 pages of valuable information.

Our goal is to establish this report as an industry benchmark. Martech providers, Agencies, Consulting firms, and Organizations embarking on Martech adoption can leverage these insights to optimize their marketing and business operations.


Thailand's Martech Report 2024

  • Objectives and Experiences in Martech Tools Utilization
  • Understanding Martech Tools Selection
  • The 5Ps of Martech Strategy
  • Top 10 Popular Tools in 2023 VS 2024 and Key Challengs
  • Common Challenges Before and After Martech Implementation
  • Results and Performance Measurement of Martech Tools

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